A practice to de-frazzle your mind and develop a more content and connected life

Shine the Light of Loving Self-Care on Yourself 

If you would grow to your best self
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not withholding

Self-marvelling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing and punishing
For you are more sensitive than you know
Mankind is as tough as war yet delicate as flowers
We can endure agonies but we open fully only to warmth and light

And our need to grow is as fragile as a fragrance dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storm are still
So, accept, respect, and attend your sensitivity
A flower cannot be opened with a hammer.

By Daniel F. Mead 



Essential not only for our physical but also for our emotional and mental well-being

In our fast paced lives we are under more and more pressure and so we are in more need of self-care than ever before. Not only does our society and our cultural background put pressure on us but so do we to ourselves.

We must learn to be kind not only to each other but also to ourselves and practice self-care regularly, without fear or guilt.