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An invitation to the world of Mindfulness, Aromatherapy and SKincare

An invitation to the world of Mindfulness, Aromatherapy and SKincare


What is all this about…

Mind for Mindfulness & meditation

Aroma for Aromatherapy

SKin for natural SKincare

Our sense of smell is highly emotive and with our skin being our largest organ it is only natural to explore how our mental health and wellbeing can be improved upon by using the advantages provided by aromatherapy.

We believe that the combination of a holistic (aromatherapy) and a scientific (mindfulness) approach will bring great benefits to those in need of improvements already, just as much as to those who wish to be proactively looking after their mental health!

Based on this, we are currently developing an exciting skincare product range that harnesses the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils, while also offering tips for mindfulness based approaches.

Mind.Aroma.SKin. is a Social Enterprise and as such our aim is to support fellow mums and all who suffer from any form of mental healths issues, be it stress, insomnia or even mild depression.

We pledge to donate a percentage of our profit to a Mental Health Charity (such as Mind, Rethink) after all they are the experts in this area, and also to reinvest a part of our profit into the Company and so to reinvest into Society.

Our Vision is that mental health will be as accepted and as an important part of our well-being as our physical health. We want to create a supportive and open-minded environment for mums where they can express their struggles with mental health problems without the fear of stigma!